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MarShere's tribute to HAPPY by Pharrell Williams

As we looked back on 2014 and what a great year it was, we pay tribute to one of the greats in the music industry - Pharrell Williams. If it wasn't for music, dancing would be a lot harder to do! Enjoy this little parody we have put together featuring all of our studio principals!

MarShere Dance Studios - Where it all Started

See how one of Australia's biggest dance studios began. From humble beginnings of just a newly married couple with an idea, to becoming the largest Dance Studio group in Australia, this story will inspire you.

2012 'MarShere Style' Aurora Presentation

If you thought you knew your Studio Principals/Franchisees, then think again! This year's Aurora Award Presentation was created to show the unique 'MarShere Style' that each studio has to offer!

Credit to PSY for creating such an addictive song for us to make the video with!

MarShere Dance Studios Virtual Floorshow

See a well timed and edited video used for the opening number at the Aurora Awards in 2011!