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Fundraising & Community Support

Dancing is about bringing people together in a positive environment so that we can all enjoy movement, music, and each other. There are many out there who aren't as lucky, which is why we try to support those who need it.

Since teaching our first class in 1981, our main focus has always been the people. Whilst we can only do much teaching people to dance, we do our best in trying to improve the lifestyles of those who attend our studios, through movement, music, lots of laughter and human interaction.

Since we have become the largest dance school group in Australia, we have wanted to focus more on the community at large, and look at other ways to use our branding power for good. Since 2014 we have stepped up our fundraising efforts to be more aligned across our locations and join our support together to raise money for those groups and organisations which support and benefit those in need.

Our fundraising since 2014 has generated over $55,000.00 to various charities across Australia. It is very heart-warming to know that every dollar counts. We are humbled to have such a supportive 'MarShere family' in that we can come together and make good things happen!

Over the years, this number will certainly grow, and it wouldn't be without the continued help and support of all the Principal's, Teachers & Students that make up the MarShere family!


This year we are supporting BeyondBlue in their aim to make a difference for those who battle against depression and anxiety. We are aiming to raise at least $25,000 this year!

To donate, please head to our donation page by clicking here: BeyondBlue - MarShere Dance Studios

Alternatively, get in contact with one of our locations to see when our next fundraiser will be happening!

Request for Donations

MarShere also tries to help those in the local community with their own fundraising efforts. We understand that local schools, community groups and not-fot-profit organisations need products and/or services to assist them in raising money.

On top of our own fundraising efforts, we also have the ability to donate our services and dance class passes to a limited number of fundraising events.

Whilst we are limited in what we can offer, send us an email and we would be more than happy to consider your donation request. Donation requests can be made via our contact page. Please include the following for your donation request to be considered:

  • Organiser Name
  • Fundraiser Name
  • Fundraiser Date
  • Charity or Organisation that funds will be raised for
  • Contact Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Postal Address