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Team Building Sessions

Health and Wellbeing in the workplace creates higher productivity for your business!

MarShere Dance Studios provides an excellent atmosphere to grow and unite your corporate team, as they learn to dance. Some companies take on our different programs to reward staff, whilst others use it to build a stronger team and break down barriers between other work colleagues and their superiors.


  • Motivate your team
  • Improve team relationships
  • Create team networking opportunities
  • Benefit your health
  • Improve your motor skills
  • Create bonding opportunities for new and existing teams
  • Provide opportunities for creative team interaction where 'everyone is equal'
  • Have fun and stay fit
  • Build team confidence & esteem

MarShere Dance Studio's programs are flexible, and can be tailored to fit the style and type of business. The similarities of the work environment can be built into certain dance activities, tailoring a program to your goals and objectives. Dancing is now more popular than ever - so why not create confidence in your employees by learning a new skill that will not only lighten the office atmosphere, but show staff how much fun can be had when working together as a team. Please contact your local studio for more information.