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Into Our Studios: A look at our dance studio in Greensborough.


MarShere Greensborough


26 Simms Road, Greensborough 3088

Tell us a bit about yourself and your teachers:

Greensborough is currently company owned and run by the MarShere Head Office. The Greensborough manager, Felicity Hearnden, and her great team of teachers have been building a nice core group of students at the studio. We have a close knit group of 15 teachers and staff, and pride ourselves on a fun and interesting learning environment. Having only opened in September 2014, we are the newest MarShere to be part of the group. We feel that we are only just reaching the tip of the iceberg in the Greensborough and Montmorency areas, as we have mostly built from word of mouth.

What classes do you run at your studio?

We run adult group dance classes every Monday & Thursday night, we also have kids dance classes on Tuesday afternoons and teen dance classes on Tuesday evenings

How many students does your studio currently teach?

We have around 40-60 adult students in our classes. Our kids is a smaller group of around 8, whilst our teens class has an average of 10 per class.

What's the greatest thing about teaching dance?

Dance is a skill that can be utilised anywhere. It is great to see the other effects that dancing has on people - improved posture, confidence and self esteem, and also strengthened memory and motor skills. We love teaching people about dancing, but the friendships and social groups that are formed through everyone learning together is the best bonus!

If you had to give 1 piece of advice for a new dance student, what would it be?

Biggest piece of advice is to go at your own pace. You're not going to learn it all in one night (no one can!), so it is best for you to learn what you are comfortable with, then practice and build up to the next class. You'll be amazed at how much you've learnt and how far you've come after a couple of months!