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MarShere Dance Competitions

Compete with your friends from all over Victoria at our friendly dancesport competitions.

Each year, MarShere Dance Studios holds a number dance competitions, where all studios unite as one for a day of competitive dance, or dancesport as people know it today! The aim of this competition is simple - to enable people to meet fellow pupils from another MarShere Dance Studio and compete against those of the same achievement level category, in a friendly and fun environment.

Events are organised by age groups and achievement award levels so that couples can compete against others of their own level. Teacher and pupil events are also very popular at these dance competitions, with some events having over 250 entries!

The four dance competitions that are run by MarShere are:

Use the links above to navigate to your chosen event for more information.

The studio owners, as a collective, come together on these days under the same banner of MarShere Dance Studios to join in the spirit of competition. If you haven't been to a dancesport event, we highly recommend doing so! They are a lot of fun, and really help build your confidence in your dancing technique and performance.