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Why you SHOULD get Wedding Dance Lessons for your Parents

The first dance between you and your partner is one of the beautiful and intimate moments you will share with your friends. It is a big moment and it deserves some planning and special attention. Your wedding dance will represent what you and your partner mean to each other; it is a physical representation of your relationship; how you two can work together to make something magical.

The cake, the decorations, the ceremony, the vows - they are all about your partnership, too. The first dance is all about you two! But the rest of the evening’s dancing is all about your relationship with friends and family. Making time for a father/daughter or mother/son dance can contribute to a very memorable wedding. There are a few reasons why you should consider putting dance lessons for your folks on your wedding-to-do list.

Your parents are very important in your life and they would love to share the spotlight with you for two minutes or maybe you’re a parent yourself and would like to include your kids in your reception. Either way taking dance classes (either with a private choreographer or as part of a dance course) is a great way to spend extra time with your parents or kids and make them feel like a big part of your life and wedding,

Plus it is a fun way for you and your parents/kids to stay fit – dancing is known to increase flexibility, muscle strength, posture and stamina! Some brides and grooms take lessons in secret, to have a bit of surprise for their partner and their wedding guests! Just like this epic mother-son wedding dance 

So put on the music you love, pick up your wedding trail, throw your bouquet over your shoulder and have fun with everyone you love – it’s a party! If you’re going to hire a wedding photographer, also consider hiring a dance instructor so you won’t miss out on a memorable moments with your parents or kids, a moment that your grandchildren can treasure.

Ready to get your parents ready for your wedding? Check out our Bridal Lessons page for more info. 

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