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Why All Men Should Learn To Dance

Dancing is a skill that most Australian men aren’t interested in learning, much to their detriment, because there are many benefits for men who take regular dance classes.

The benefits of dancing, for men of all ages!

Males that regularly take dance classes show that they think about their health as they are taking part in a challenging fitness exercise. Classes are known to assist in fine tuning motor fitness, improving muscle tone, increasing agility and even improving cardiovascular health.1

Dance classes teach you new techniques and skills, including learning how touch affects their dancing partner during classes. They understand how to use their limbs, become more co-ordinated and how to effectively manipulate their own strength. These skills become intuitive and a man who knows how to dance, will more than likely know how to touch their partners outside of class.

Dance classes are a fun, social and collaborative exercise that enables both men and women, to express emotions with strangers much faster than we normally would. For example we can flirt, sway and embrace strangers quicker in social situations where dance is involved. A guy that dances regularly is better equipped at knocking down social barriers, and dancing is a great way to make friends and have fun while getting fit.

Men learn that a dance performance involves the combined efforts of two people, it isn’t just about the individual, although in classes men do learn how to correctly lead a woman in dance. Male dance partners also learn moves that highlight a female’s seductiveness and curves, and a good male dancer will assist their partner in expressing themselves in their movement: that is, they learn how to encourage their partner’s confidence and know how to value a good partnership.

Dancing makes men appear more attractive...who would have thought!

Males who dance have learnt how to move their bodies and generally will be more confident and appear more attractive to others. Surprise, surprise! Better dancers are associated with greater physical strength according to a study by McCarty and co, who found that ‘Men that made larger and more variable movements were rated as better dancers and were associated with having greater physical strength’.2  In addition it is suggested that men who are able to show variability in their dance movements are better favoured by women.3 If there was a reason to start to learn dancing now, that’s a pretty big one!

Tinder and new social networking apps, are fast and easy ways to meet people, but they are lacking the charm and sophistication that social activities such as dancing have. Some great etiquette is taught in dance classes (i.e. the proper way to approach a woman and ask her to dance), so it’s more than likely that a man who dances regularly will know how to act like a gentleman, which is a pretty attractive quality and makes a man stand out from the crowd.

Another benefit of learning to dance is no longer having to avoid social situations where dancing is involved. When we attend a birthday or wedding, it can be really daunting to join the dance floor, and studies suggest that males are more likely to be intimated by dancing than females.4 This may explain why there always seems to be a shortage of men that know how to dance! Taking regular dance classes, can give men a nice extra edge and boost of confidence, and a feeling that he can do something other men can’t!

Men gain so much from regularly dancing. A man that dances will show that he is not just physically athletic, but also he has the passion and determination to pick up a new life skill and one that pushes his comfort zone. It is an activity that is conducive to forming positive and long last relationships and a great way to spend time ‘exercising’.

And once you learn the skill, you’ve got it for life!

Start out with a free class on us and learn a new life skill, while meeting new people!

All MarShere dance studios offer a free dance class, so why not sign up and give it a go.

This guy’s still got it!

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