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How to Travel with Dance

You will find it all over Europe, North and South America and Asia: there will be dancing and there will be dance classes all the way to the far corners of the Earth!

“Dance is an international language, everyone speaks”

A good travel experience consists of meeting locals, having fun, and soaking up the culture.  This is why dancing is the best thing to pack in your suitcase. Social dance classes like Salsa are the ideal travel tool: they help you meet locals with the same sabor (passion), while creating memorable experiences and keeping you fit (so you can enjoy every local snack!). Dance is a great way of keeping healthy, it has positive cardiovascular benefits, and is known to increase strength, flexibility and endurance when practiced regularly.

From the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Korea, Cuba, America, Finland, New York to Sweden, there are Salsa dance clubs all over the world. Salsa dancing has not always been widely danced, as it was once considered to be a very sensual style. However, with its presence in popular culture, the taboo image of Salsa has disappeared and the sensual dance has spread internationally. Each country has its own flavour of Salsa. Swedish Salsa dancing leans towards a more Cuban/ Rueda style, while in the UK and Malaysia it is LA Style (Salsa on One) that is prominent. In Korea, they have their own K-salsa flavour when they dance. Whatever style the nation prefers, at the heart of each country and each dance is a passion, a desire to have fun, to move, and the basic core Salsa steps. If you know the basics, you can join in, keep rhythm, and taste a different Salsa flavour every time you visit a new country.

Dancing is about showcasing your personality as well, it is a quick introduction to people that share your interests. This is highly beneficial when you are in a new country and don’t know  the local language. You can still connect with individuals from different backgrounds and bond over your love of music, style and rhythm. Making local friends means you can find out the best places to eat, shop, club and dance!

Starting dance lessons is a great first step in your travel plans towards connecting with people in different cultures and joining the global community united by the international language of dance.

Before you travel the world, learn a language everyone speaks, by coming along to your first dance class on us.

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