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How to Create a Ballroom Dance Hairstyle

1. Decide on your Up-Do or Down-Do

As a ballroom dance performer, a down-do hairstyle is only appropriate if you have short hair, like a pixie or a short bob. If your hair is longer, you will want to choose an up-do that prevents your hair from distracting the audience. Whatever style you choose, make sure it matches your outfit and makes you feel confident.

If you are planning to do your hair yourself, set time aside to practice your do. You need to make sure your hair is perfect from the front, back, sides and top. The most common way to do your hair is to put it in a bun. A low bun that sits at the nape of the neck is the easiest to do. French braid or knot-style buns at different heights are more technical buns which also look glamourous and great.

A ponytail up-do can also be used, but this is only ever appropriate during latin/rhythm dance performances. If your hair is really long, you may want to avoid a ponytail as it could end up whipping your partner.

If you are going to use a professional hairdresser, make sure to bring in pictures of hairstyles that you’re interested in and a photo of your dance outfit, so that they have an idea of what you are looking for.

2. Keep it Glossy, Keep it neat

Make sure your hair parts are knife-sharp. Using a very fine tooth comb will be the best way to do this. If you are doing your hair yourself, keep to doing a straight part, as wavy and zig-zag parts are harder to do yourself. Use a bristle brush to smooth your hair back and secure your hair with hair ties and any straggly bits or flyaways with gel, hair spray and/or bobby pins. A hairnet can be wrapped around your bun to keep it in place during performances.

Hair spray is a must to keep your style neat, glossy and beautiful. Find a brand that suits you and that has a shiney finish.

3. Do It Your Way

Add some of your own personality to your hair with the addition of flowers, crystal headbands or ornaments. Choose accessories that match the colour of your outfit and can be properly fastened so it won’t come off when you are moving about. Swirls or finger waves are a fantastic addition to a basic design. If you have longer hair, small sections can be formed into finger waves or swirls to add some flair. Similarly with shorter hair, hair-extensions can be used to create decorative swirls.

4. Men

To make sure attention stays on your dance movement and not on your hair movement, use a good hair product. A good hair gel or hair wax with a tooth comb will keep your hair neat. Common styles are to have your hair slicked back to your scalp, or into a side part. It is recommended that you use hairspray to set your hair. Keep in mind you will be sweating a lot on the dance floor and you want to make sure your hair will stay neat and stylish.

5. Washing Up

A really good ballroom dance hairstyle will remain steadfast during a lot of movement and sweat, but this also means at the end of the evening a good hairstyle can be hard to undo. Make sure to condition your hair to loosen any glue before using your shampoo. It maybe necessary to wash your hair a few times to get the product out, so make sure you have a nourishing conditioner for the final step.


photo credit: Kistelek Open 2009 - 2015 edit - full res via photopin (license)

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