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How To Choose The Best Dance Style For You

Perhaps you have recently seen a dance in a film or on television, or maybe you saw a performance and just fell in love with that type of dance. Let that inspiration carry you to the dance floor! There is no right or wrong style, but here are a few things to consider and help you to choose the best dance style for you.

Goals: Consider why you want to dance. Is it for fitness, flexibility or fun? Do you want to dance in competitions or just blow your friends away on the dance floor? Do you want to be on Broadway or a backup dancer for the next big hit? If you want to dance professionally, you may want to enrol in more than one type of dance class to learn a range of skills.

Preferences: What type of music do you like to listen to? What style of dance do you like to watch? Are there any specific dance moves you want to learn? Where do you envisage pulling out these dance moves? Do you like dressing up? Do you see yourself in a leotard and tutu, or something with Latin-American flair, a flowing dress, or do you to prefer to keep it cool and casual and adorn some nifty street wear? Each dance has its own look, tone, and atmosphere, so feel it out.

Physicality: Consider your physicality and range of movement. Are you graceful? Are you strong? Are you coordinated or more just awkward?! Do you like to be active or do you prefer to lull about? It’s important to assess your body before you begin. It’s great to challenge yourself, but start at a level that will match your capabilities so that you don’t become disheartened. It takes time to learn something new, be kind to you!

Experiment: If you’re approaching dance as a blank slate, that’s also great! Why not experiment and give them all a go. Try a few different classes in a few different styles to see which one catches your groove. You might find you like fancy footwork or poise and grace, or getting funky with some serious base! Be open and let your feet decide!

Social: Dancing can be a great social activity. What would you like to get out of it? Do you have friends that you would like to join dancing? Do you want to dance solo or with a partner? Is there a particular dance style that’s currently popular in your area? Different styles in different areas tend to attract different age groups, simply contact your local dance studio to find out about their classes.

Dance will keep you happy, healthy and fit so go out and get amongst it! And the good thing is, if you want to learn them all, at MarShere that's exactly how we structure our classes. We teach a range of dance styles in every class so that you get a broad range of skills and experience. Thinking about giving it a go? Easy, start with a Free class on us!

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