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Dancing: An Investment into your child's development.

As parents, we want what’s best for our kids. Whether it’s buying a toy, picking a sport or planning a meal, one question always comes to mind: IS THIS THE BEST FOR MY KID?

We’ll let you in on a secret: we know one of the best, if not THE best investment for your child’s holistic development.


Here are the reasons why:

  • It’s a great physical activity. Kids are naturally full of energy, and aside from being a good channel for your kids’ energy, dancing can strengthen them physically. Regular dance lessons can help kids improve their flexibility, stamina, muscle tone and balance. It can also help improve posture and coordination.
  • Dancing is a mental exercise. Your kids flex their mental muscle while dancing as much as when they’re studying in school. Mastering all those dance steps aids their cognitive development since it requires memorising steps, perfect timing and coordination.
  • They can make new friends while dancing. Socio-emotional development in your kids is very important and dancing provides an avenue for that. In a dance class, kids are encouraged to interact with each other, learn teamwork, discipline and cooperation. As they progress in class, they share common experiences and eventually develop friendships.
  • Dancing is an art. A creative child is a happy child and dancing is a perfect outlet for your child’s creativity. Dancing as an art helps your kids express themselves through movement. And even picking their costume for dance recitals can be an excellent boost of creativity for them.
  • It’s an ultimate bonding experience. Don’t think dancing is only for your child. Why not enroll in dance as a family? While classes are run separately, you’ll still both learn new steps, practice routines and stay fit as a family. You can share your experiences with your child and create memories of learning a new skill together.

Hopefully this has convinced you to at least get your child/children in for at least one dance class.

We offer all new students their first class free. But don’t forget you’re welcome to come along as well, so head over to the Adult dance classes page and sign up for your free class as well.

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