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How to build your confidence by dancing

Dance and confidence go hand in hand. Dance can help you to build your confidence, and you also need confidence to really rock it on the dance floor! So think of dance as a way to work on your self-esteem and boost your confidence. Just like life, dancing takes perseverance and positivity, with each new step learned, your confidence will start to shine through in your dance, and overflow into all areas of your life.

Low self-esteem can really interfere with your life, and your dancing. The biggest confidence boost comes from how you talk to yourself. Follow what is known as ‘the best-friend rule’ which basically means, if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself. If your best friend fumbled and stumbled across the dance floor, you wouldn’t be unkind; instead you would offer encouragement and praise for the effort made. Do the same to yourself. Learning not to sweat the small stuff on the dance floor will also translate into your everyday life.

For example, a lot of people when they start dancing tend to look at their feet. It’s only natural to look down and try to see what your feet are doing and commit the moves to memory. But as you practice the moves over and over, the moves will evolve from conscious awareness, to automatic performance. This transition to muscle memory will mean you no longer have two left feet, and will increase your confidence. Be proud of your achievements, stand with your head held high, and allow your confidence to shine through.

To build up your confidence on the dance floor, you need to build upon your craft. Whichever dance style you choose, practice makes perfect! Take as many classes as you can, ask for critiques, and acknowledge your own growth. It’s important to recognise your own effort and improvement. Knowing that you are working hard at your dance and that you are improving day by day, means that you are accomplishing something. Feeling accomplished will inevitably build your confidence, so be sure to recognise that your dancing is improving, and take pride in how you dance.

Dance, like any kind of performance, involves a lot of imagination and visualisation. Tap into your imagination to really let go. Imagine you are dancing like a pro, being swirled across the dance floor with poise and ease. Visualise yourself dancing with confidence and effortlessness, and you will see that this confidence finds its way from your imagination and flows right on to the dance floor.

Make sure you give yourself credit, and self-validation. With each step you take across the dance floor, think of the leaps and bounds you are taking to improve your inner foundation. The kinder you are to yourself, the more confidence you will build, the better you will dance, and the better you will feel.

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