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8 Real Reasons Why We Dance (and the motivators if you aren't)

Men and women dance for similar reasons, according to a recent study on what motivates individuals to take up recreational dance classes.

Research identified eight main reasons why women and men choose to become passionate about this fit and fun activity.

Fitness - to keep fit, flexible and strong and to maintain a healthy body.

Mood Enhancement - improving mood and to feel energised.

Intimacy - discovering new relationships and sexual partners.

Socialising - connecting with people that share similar interests and lifestyles.

Trance - experiencing an altered state of mind and environment.

Mastery/ achievement - improved coordination and body movement and control.

Self-confidence - to feel sexy, confident and to improve self-esteem.

Escapism - to escape worries of everyday problems and to focus on the present; the dance, the music, the movement.

Interestingly both men and women believed dancing helped to improve their mood and self confidence! Women rated these benefits much higher than men in all factors except one, intimacy. Men rated the discovery of new relationships facilitated by dance as being a greater motivational factor for them (what a surprise!).

Knowing what motivates you as a dancer or a teacher can benefit your dance practice, or even give you a new found reason for starting! Have a think about understanding what motivates you. It will help you to choose the right dance style and find the perfect dance class, one which ticks all your boxes.

If you still haven't given dance a go, there's no time like right now. Sign up for your first class for free and find out your motivator for joining in!

Original research appeared in: Maraz, Aniko, et al. "Why do you dance? Development of the Dance Motivation Inventory (DMI)." PloS one 10.3 (2015): e0122866.

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