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6 Reasons To Try Ballroom Dancing Now

New year, new month, or just an excuse to try something new. Meet new people, sweep your partner off their feet, and learn to groove to a whole new beat! Here are just six of the many reasons you should try ballroom dancing now.

Fitness Made Fun!

With ballroom dancing you can get a great workout without it feeling like work! According to The Australian Department of Health, adults aged between 18-64 years of age should attempt 2.5 to 5 hours of moderately intense or 1.25 to 2.5 hours of vigorously intense physical activity, (or an equivalent combination of both) each week. This should include muscle-strengthening activities on at least 2 days. Sounds a little daunting if you’re slogging away at the gym or sweating it out on a jog. ‘Ditch’ the gym in favour of a spin! Ballroom dancing gives you both moderate to intense physical activity, and strengthens your muscles, all in an engaging, fun filled atmosphere.

Dance Your Way To A Brand New Social Life!

Attending ballroom dancing lessons is a great place to meet people. No need to be shy, everyone was a beginner once! What you will find is a warm and welcoming environment full of fun and energy. People are there to socialise, to laugh, to dance, and to help one another. After all, teaching is the best way to learn! You will get to know a whole new group of people you would never have met otherwise, there may even be a few single folk if you’re in the market!

Great For Your Brain!

Ballroom dancing isn’t just a physical activity; it’s a mental exercise too. The physical exercise stimulates blood flow from body to brain, and ballroom dancing will help to improve your memory…. To learn the moves you will eventually have to memorise them! According to studies, ballroom dancing also has a higher impact on cognitive function than exercise or mental tasks alone. Ballroom dancing combines a physical and mental workout as different parts of the brain are simultaneously activated, such as coordination, rhythm, and strategy.

Stress Release and Happy Mood Increase!

Mmm… Lose yourself in the music, the movement and the moment! Dancing gives you the chance to burn off nervous energy along with those calories! By living in the moment you let go of stress to focus on your feet! As you learn new skills you will build your confidence and self-esteem and with that you’ll find there’s less space for anxiety and negative thoughts.

Dress Up and Boogie Down!

Whether you dress up for the dance class, venture into the world of competition, or just blow your friends away next time you hit the dance floor in style – men suit up, women frock up, it’s time to feel fine! Float along the floor in your finest attire as the music carries you and your partner into the wee hours! While you don't have to go all out, it's fun to let the dance transform you both inside and out. 

Smooth Moves For You And Your ‘Boo’!

Dancing is romantic, there’s no if’s or but’s about it! The action of two people moving to music together has a certain intimacy to it, and ballroom dancing has a particularly romantic reputation! Whether it’s to kindle a new relationship or nurture a long lasting love, what are you waiting for? Swirl your partner onto the dance floor!

There's no time like the present to sign up for your FREE first class and dance into a new you!


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