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Five Tips To Beat The Wedding Dance Jitters On Your Big Day!

The wedding bells have rung, you’ve walked down the aisle, kissed the bride or groom and said I do!

Now it is time to relax, have a glass of champagne and enjoy yourself on the dance floor - we’ve put together five tips to help you glide through your bridal performance!

One –  Practice, practice, practice! The more you practice, the better your muscle memory -  no matter whether your head is doubting your capabilities, your muscles will have memorised key movements, so you can rely on them to make sure the dance goes off without a hitch.

Two – Choose wedding shoes that are comfortable to dance in - find heels (or shoes) that you can easily move and balance in. Remember to practice in your wedding shoes a few times before the big day and ideally during your actual wedding dance lessons.

Three – Find a good dance studio – consider doing either at least a few general ballroom dance classes with your partner but ideally private wedding dance lessons as this will help you feel more confident on the dance floor. Plus, a good teacher will be able to help you find your rhythm and correct any posture issues ensuring that you look elegant and poised during your dance.

Four – Dutch courage - Do take part in your wedding toasts, but don’t drink too much before your big dance. While it might help your nerves, it won’t help your routine, you need to stay coordinated!

FiveDon’t sweat it - Remember what you are celebrating – your love for each other! If you mess up a bit of the dance it's really nothing to beat yourself up over. The most important thing is that you are in love and you two connect! So just focus on your partner, as the more you do that the stronger your connection and the more romantic and beautiful your wedding dance is sure to be!

Make sure you're prepared for your wedding dance lessons, and sign up for our 5 day email course on wedding dance preparation. This will help ensure your lessons, wherever you do them, give you the best dance you can have.

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