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The Five Biggest Things That Stop People Learning to Danceā€¦And How To Overcome Them.

Learning to dance for the first time can be challenging, and many people find it difficult to begin for many reasons. Here’s five reasons that might be stopping you taking your first steps, and how you can overcome them!  

Embarrassment: starting any new hobby can make people feel initially embarrassed, but this passes quickly when you get into the swing of things (literally!), and you’ll discover a great, social form of exercise. Acknowledge that you might feel a little embarrassed at first (it’s completely normal), and push through that feeling and you will be greatly rewarded! With a new skill and more confidence! (Everyone felt the same at some point and no one’s actually judging you, we only think other people are. We guarantee you no one actually is. They’re too focused on what they’re doing anyway!).

‘I just can’t dance!’ Starting something new is always difficult, because you’re learning new skills and flexing new muscles. Fortunately, with a good teacher and a good dance partner, can’t turns to can do in no time! Find a well established dance studio and take a trial class so that you can find a teacher that helps and supports you.The right instructor is important, as are the other students in the class. You want them to be professional, supportive and easy to relate to.

The opposite sex: Even among adults, socialising and being physically intimate (a requirement of many dancing styles) with the opposite sex can be a major fear. Fortunately, overcoming this one means dancing isn’t just fun and great exercise: it also doubles as a way to learn how to mingle! Everyone is just as nervous as you are, during the first few dance classes, and sharing a challenging experience like learning new dance steps together, is an easy way of making new connections with people. So don't sweat it and embrace the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!

Time: Time can be a huge contributing factor stopping people from dancing, but the same can be true of any type of exercise or social gathering… and both those things are super important for your physical and mental well being.  So as difficult as it can be to make time, you have to! Stay focused on the multiple benefits dance provides; a great physical workout, a rewarding mental challenge and an opportunity to make new friends, and you’ll see the time as an investment into your life, not one that’s taking it up.

Money: Dancing is great exercise, and everyone knows exercise is excellent for you, so don’t put a price on your health. Getting involved in dancing can improve fitness, strength, coordination and general well-being, all while having a great time in a fun, social environment! It is the cost of a gym membership but better value! Think of it as a small investment into your health and social growth. Plus, dancing is a whole lot more fun than running on a treadmill, and many of us pay for that!

While none of these issues are going to instantly disappear because you now know how to overcome them (if only it was that easy!), actually taking that first step is the hardest part. Once you're in a supportive environment with a great group of students and teachers, you'll soon see them as much smaller issues than you likely think right now. 

So, don’t procrastinate any longer, and jump in for your first dance class asap!

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