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5 Things That Every Wedding Dance Needs

There's a lot that you need to get done in preparation for your wedding, but we're going to focus on what we know and the 5 things that your wedding dance needs to make the most memorable moment!

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Pick The Song

For some couples the first dance is inspired by a special song – whether it’s sentimental lyrics, or a track you heard on your first date, or maybe you’re starting with a clean slate and finding a tune you can boogie to together. There’s plenty of time to play tunes that you love throughout the reception, so make sure your first dance is a song you both love to dance to. You don’t want it too fast or too slow, or too long. A song of around two to three minutes gives you time to show off your moves, make adoring eyes at one another, and inspire your guests to join you on the dance floor!

Make An Entrance

As you step on to the dance floor, all eyes will be on you – the newlyweds, so make every minute count! The dance is for you, but it’s also for the friends and family that you have gathered around you on this special day. Your entrance lays the foundation for what’s to follow, so you want to captivate your crowd from the outset. Think of the mood that you want to create, and carry that with you on to the dance floor as you lay the scene.

Set The Mood

What kind of mood are you going for? Do you want it to be tender, sentimental, joyful, light-hearted, or even rambunctious?! The mood that you want to set can be decided by your choice of song, and the way you choose to dance to it. Don’t let the song limit you. If you have a song that you love, but you’re not sure about the tone, consider covering the song in a style that best suits the mood.

Bring The Romance

A romantic dance doesn’t have to mean a traditional dance. If you don’t want to go with ballroom, you can still leave the room overflowing with romance simply from the loving connection you share with your new spouse. No matter the track, be sure to keep your eyes glued on your loved one, and draw the crowd into that space, whether you glide across the floor in a fluid waltz, or bust a groove to some more rhythmic tunes, you bring the romance!

Bust A Move

Whether you’re an experienced dancer, or you’re burdened with two left feet, you can still make the wedding moves count on the dance floor! It’s important that you’re comfortable, but it’s also your time to shine, so getting a little help with some choreography or just some basic instruction on rhythm and melody can’t hurt. One thing every good wedding dance should have is at least one cheeky dip – no matter what the style or genre of music you’ve gone for! Girls gush at it, and guys will be impressed by it, so get down and dippy with it!


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