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2017 Dance Grand Slam - All you need to know

The 2017 Wantirna Community Bank Dance Grand Slam is this weekend! Energy is certainly building at each of the studios, with extra lessons and practices being fit in wherever possible. The anticipation of the largest competition of the year has certainly reached its peak!

Such a huge event would not run if it wasn't for the great support we get from our sponsors. A special mention to the Wantirna Community Bank Branch for supporting our event this year as our Naming Rights Sponsor. Please be sure to check them out as their focus on community, customer service, and especially caring for you is why they fit perfectly with what MarShere tries to achieve.

The Wantirna Community Bank® Branch, which operates under Bendigo Bank, began with a need for a new bank in the local community after the "big banks" closed their branches in the area leaving Wantirna Mall and local Wantirna residents without a bank for 6 years. Their main focus is on helping the local community, with a portion of their profits given back to the local area. This means customers banking with the branch are investing back into their own community, into local schools, not for profit organisations, clubs, societies, youth development programs, community centres and the like.

Acknowledgement must also go to the following A Level Sponsors to helping make the 2017 Dance Grand Slam another successful event this year:

It would be great if you could return the support they have given us by taking a few minutes to have a look at what they have to offer. Bonus points for purchasing any of their goods and services or by liking them on Facebook and telling your friends to check them out. #supportthesupporters

Please purchase your tickets from the studio prior to the competition as there are expected to be long queues when doors open, there will also be EFTPOS facilities at the venue if you do still need to purchase a ticket on the day. Please note that membership discounts only apply to pre-purchased tickets, so make sure you do if you're a member!. Dress code for the day is the same as for Achievement Days, with dance costumes only permitted for the Gold & Higher events. Doors open at 8:15am.

It is suggested that once you arrive at the venue, you purchase a Program from the front desk. These will cost $10.00 each and give you a complete running order of all the days events. It is advisable that you take a couple of pens and highlighters with you, so you can keep track of your events. This way you will know which events you need to be ready for, as well as the corresponding heats and finals.

There will be a section of seating for each of the studios, just find your fellow students! It is advised to only bring what you will need on the day, as space will be limited. Bags that fit neatly under chairs (e.g. your MarShere Bag!!) are perfect. Be sure to label your belongings, so if they wander, they can be returned!

A representative from each studio will have all of the competitor numbers and no deposit is required for your numbers. However if your number is not returned at the end of the day the studio will be charged and they in turn will charge you! You will not require a number for your Teacher & Pupil Team events or any of the Gold and Higher events, these will be worn by the teacher. If you need to enter on the day, your representative will be able to allocate you a number and put your entry in with the scrutineers.

The Marshalling Area is where competitors are grouped into their events before they enter the floor. It is recommended that you are at the Marshalling Area AT LEAST 3 events prior to yours. The marshalls will call forward each event, when yours is called move forward and form a line, with your partner, your number will then be scanned. If you are not scanned by the Marshall, your number will not appear on the Adjudicators Tablets, and therefore you are unable to be judged. For this reason, it is also very important that only one number is worn! We ask that conversations be kept to a minimum in the marshalling area so that everyone can hear what is going on. In the Teacher & Pupil events (except Gold & Higher) ONLY the teacher goes to the marshalling area. The teacher will then collect the pupils from the side of the dance floor. You must ensure you are where you need to be, as if you miss the event, you are also letting down the other members of the team.

A cafe will be in operation during the day in the lobby of the Kingston Centre, selling a selection of sandwiches, hot food, tea, coffee and cold drinks. You are not supposed to bring food into the venue, but a small amount discreetly in a bag would be ok! There will be a bar operating later in the afternoon and evening. NO alcohol is to be brought into the venue.

Photography and Videoing is more than welcome. Use #DanceGrandSlam when sharing your favourite photos of the day onto social media! A professional photographer will also be there taking photos through out the day. These can be viewed after the event on his website, with the option of purchasing your favourites!

Best of Luck with all of your events on the day - remember to dance well, have fun and SUPPORT each other!

First 15 Events

Click the link below for a printable version of the first 15 events.

Preview of First 15 Events.pdf

Event 1 - 35 Years & Over Bronze Bar & Below Modern - Waltz - Semi to Event 1A

Event 1A - 35 Years & Over Bronze Bar & Below Modern - Waltz - FINAL

Event 2 - Junior Best Boy Bronze Bar & Below Modern - Quickstep - FINAL

Event 3 - Adult/Teenage Bronze Bar & Below Modern - Quickstep - FINAL

Event 4 - Level 1 Teacher & 2 Pupils Bronze - Merrilyn, Cha Cha - Round 1 To Event 12 (Redance)

Event 5 - Junior Best Girl Bronze Bar & Below Modern - Quickstep - Semi To Event 5A

Event 5A - Junior Best Girl Bronze Bar & Below Modern - Quickstep - FINAL

Event 6 - 35 Years & Over Silver Bar & Below Modern - Waltz - Semi to Event 45

Event 7 - Junior Best Boy Bronze Bar & Below New Vogue - Three Step - FINAL

Event 8 - Adult/Teenage Bronze Bar & Below New Vogue - Tangoette - Semi To Event 8A

Event 8A - Adult/Teenage Bronze Bar & Below New Vogue - Tangoette - FINAL

Event 9 - Teacher & Principal & 4 Pupils Open - Tango, TLWaltz, Samba, Merengue - Round 1 To Event 16 (Redance)

Event 10 - Junior Best Girl Bronze Bar & Below New Vogue - Three Step - Round 1 To Event 10A

Event 10A - Junior Best Girl Bronze Bar & Below New Vogue - Three Step - Semi To Event 10B

Event 10B - Junior Best Girl Bronze Bar & Below New Vogue - Three Step - FINAL

Event 11 - 35 Years & Over Bronze Bar & Below New Vogue - Gypsy Tap - FINAL

Event 12 - Level 1 Teacher & 2 Pupils Bronze - Merrilyn, Cha Cha - Redance To Event 40

Event 13 - Adult/Teenage Silver Bar & Below New Vogue - Carousel, Tangoette - Round 1 To Event 36

Event 14 - Junior Best Girl Open New Vogue - Gypsy Tap - Round 2 To Event 14A

Event 14A - Junior Best Girl Open New Vogue - Gypsy Tap - Semi To Event 14B

Event 14B - Junior Best Girl Open New Vogue - Gypsy Tap - FINAL

Event 15 - 35 Years & Over Open New Vogue - TLWaltz, Charmaine, LaBomba - Semi to Event 42



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