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2015 Australian DanceSport Championship Review

The dust is now settling after a long weekend of watching Australia's best battle it out on the dance floor, in the aim of achieving the title "Australian DanceSport Champion". This event witnessed an even stronger turnout by the MarShere family, with a number of those having great success at Australia's biggest dancesport event.

Being the 70th year that this event has run, a tribute was paid to the previous 'Australian Champions', many of whom are still active in this industry today. Again, a number of those previous champions are involved within the MarShere Group, whether they be Principals, Teachers or even consultants. It is great that they have been honoured for their achievements, but we would also like to recognise them in helping MarShere get to where it is today!

The main focus on this weekend for most of you is your own dancing and development. This event is where you rank yourselves against your peers, and to also look back at the year that was. For most, this event is the pinnacle of their competitive season, with much of the hard work and preparation through the year assisting with the results on the weekend.

It is important to note that simply taking the floor at the Australian DanceSport Championships, or 'Aussies' as it is known, is a huge accomplishment in itself. For any that have done so, the sheer size of the dance floor alone is something that most people only experience in dreams #noboundaries. From there, to get through the rounds and be a semi-finalist or finalist in all of Australia is something you can take home with your head held high. It's not every day that you can say that you are in the top 24 in all of Australia based on this event. So now we recognise all of those who are part of the MarShere family, and congratulate you on your efforts, but most importantly, taking that first step out on the floor.

For each step you all take on the floor, it hopefully inspires others to do the same. If, by your dancing, you can inspire another to start this wonderful activity/sport/art/pastime/hobby/career, then you have achieved the biggest reward of them all - paying it forward.


  • Jacob McKenzie: 5th in Juvenile Boy Standard, 7th in Juvenile Boy New Vogue & 8th in Juvenile Boy Latin
  • Naomi Pether: 16th in Juvenile Girl Standard, 21st in Juvenile Girl New Vogue & 16th in Juvenile Girl Latin
  • Joelle Colliver: 8th in Junior Girl Standard, 6th in Junior Girl New Vogue & 6th in Junior Girl Latin
  • Ashleigh Thompson: 2nd in Youth Lady Latin, 1st in Youth Lady New Vogue & 1st in Youth Lady Standard
  • Kieren Gregory: 3rd in Youth Male Latin, 1st in Youth Male New Vogue & 2nd in Youth Male Standard
  • Austinn Colliver: 4th in Youth Male Standard, 3rd in Youth Male New Vogue & 2nd in Youth Male Latin                
  • Nathaniel Bull: 1st in Adult Male Standard, 5th in Adult Male New Vogue & 12th in Adult Male Latin
  • Natalie Chadderton: 1st in Adult Lady New Vogue, 1st in Adult Lady Standard and 14th in Adult Lady Latin
  • Allan Roberts: 6th in Adult Male New Vogue & 6th in Adult Male Standard
  • Priscilla Gall: 3rd in Adult Lady New Vogue & 3rd in Adult Lady Standard
  • Conan Hayes: 7th in Adult Male New Vogue & 11th in Adult Male Standard
  • Jessica Koumourou: 8th in Adult Lady New Vogue & 11th in Adult Lady Standard
  • Karen Murden: 1st in Masters Open Lady New Vogue, 8th in Masters Open Latin & 5th in Masters Open Standard
  • Kolitha Gunawardana: 1st in Masters Male New Vogue, 3rd in Master Male Standard & 4th in Masters Male Latin


Recreational Couples - Juvenile/Junior/Youth

  • Jacob McKenzie & Naomi Pether: 7th in Juvenile Standard & 9th in Juvenile Latin
  • Austinn & Joelle Colliver: 4th in Youth Standard, 3rd in Youth New Vogue & 3rd in Youth Latin               
  • Kieren Gregory and Ashleigh Thompson: 1st in Youth Latin, 1st in Youth New Vogue and 1st in Youth Standard

Recreational Couples - Adult

  • Nathaniel Bull & Natalie Chadderton: 1st in Standard, 2nd in New Vogue & 11th in Latin
  • Conan Hayes & Jessica Koumourou: 8th in New Vogue & 9th in Standard
  • Hayden Molesworth & Stephanie Johnson: 9th in New Vogue & 9th in Latin American
  • Allen Roberts & Priscilla Gall: 6th in New Vogue
  • Simon & Lara Kong: Semi Finalists
  • Ben Hosken & Natalie Lenart: Semi Final in Standard & Semi Final in New Vogue

Recreational Couples - Masters

  • Ewald Mueller & Karen Wines: Semi Final in Standard
  • Robert Court & Sue Hosken: Semi Final in Standard, 8th in New Vogue & 8th in Latin American


  • Adam Harris & Elissa Wortley: 3rd in Youth C Grade New Vogue, 7th in Youth C Grade Standard & 11th in Youth C Grade Latin
  • Michael Fryer Watson and Isabella Koikas: 6th in Youth C Grade Latin, 10th in Youth B Grade Standard, 5th in Youth B Grade New Vogue & 9th in Youth Open New Vogue
  • Daniel Jiang & Suzanne Malesevic: 8th in Youth B Grade New Vogue & 14th in Youth B Grade Standard


  • Sheldon Gilbert & Sonja Budista: 8th in Adult A Grade Standard & 11th in WDSF Open Standard
  • Daniel Ryan & Sharone Armel: 11th in Adult A Grade Latin
  • Joe Mallaby & Helen Coker: 1st in Adult B Grade Stnadard, 9th in Adult Open New Vogue & 19th in WDSF Open Standard
  • Russell & Angela Christiansen: 4th in Adult C Grade Standard & 13th in Adult B Grade New Vogue
  • Justin Bourke & Lori McTaggart: 7th in Adult B Grade Standard, 7th in Adult Open New Vogue & 22nd in Adult B Grade Latin
  • Michael Tomkins & Jenna Tampaline: 13th in Adult A Grade Standard
  • Crawford Hill & Monique Savill: 2nd in Adult Open New Vogue
  • Damian Tham & Cassie Bayden: First Round Adult Open Standard, 6th in Adult Open New Vogue
  • Andrew Smith & Celeste Fisher: 1st in Adult C Grade Standard
  • Hiran Kariyawasam & Anthea Mete: 11th in Adult C Grade New Vogue 
  • Timothy Cole & Rebecca Nicholas: 3rd in Adult Open New Vogue & 10th in Adult A Grade Standard
  • Tom Sedawie & Amy Hein: First Round Adult C Grade Standard
  • Simon Browne & Angela Schumann: 5th in Adult Open New Vogue
  • Umesh Goonawardena & Lisa Malcolm: 8th in Adult C Grade New Vogue & 22nd in Adult C Grade Standard
  • Josh Pickup and Marion Chan: 6th in Adult B Grade New Vogue, 12th in Adult C Grade Latin & 14th in Adult C Grade Standard
  • Matthew McMahon and Katherine Ellis: 9th in Adult C Grade Standard & 17th in Adult C Grade New Vogue
  • Christopher Woodhouse & Darcie Hayward: 20th in Adult C Grade New Vogue
  • Alex Pappas & Sarah Amato: 8th in Adult C Grade Standard & 20th in Adult C Grade Latin
  • David Park & Elise Drummond: 13th in Adult B Grade New Vogue
  • Alex Morella & Min Yee: 27th in Adult C Grade New Vogue & 31st in Adult C Grade Standard
  • Thomas Werner & Stephanie Kane: 5th in Adult B Grade New Vogue, 9th in Adult B Grade Standard, 16th in Adult Open New Vogue
    & 27th in WDSF Open Standard
  • Lee Keskic & Jessica Hawa: 20th in Adult B Grade Standard
  • Sheldon Gilbert & Alisha Cook: 18th in Adult B Grade Latin
  • Adam Mansfield & Dannie Floyd: 18th in Adult C Grade New Vogue & 37th in Adult C Grade Standard
  • Dale Lonsdale & Heike Giese: 7th in Adult C Grade Latin & 13th in Adult C Grade Ballroom
  • Lindsay Guy & Chelsea Boin 11th in Adult Open New Vogue


  • Felipe Rafol & Vicki Mueller: 1st in Masters 1 B Grade Latin
  • John Meyer & Tracey Cooper: 2nd in Masters 1 B Grade Latin & 9th in Masters 1 B Grade Standard
  • John Dinsdale & Elyce Birch: 7th in Masters 1 C Grade Standard
  • Michael Clare & Leanne White: 1st in Masters 1 C Grade Standard, 1st in Masters 1 C Grade Latin & 2nd in Masters C Grade New Vogue
  • Glenn Cooper & Jodii McDonald: 3rd in Masters 1 C Grade New Vogue & 5th in Masters 1 C Grade Standard
  • Kamal Soubra & Sasha Kazatchek:9th in Masters 1 C Grade New Vogue & 15th in Masters 1 C Grade Standard
  • Dean Anderson & Danielle Devine: 2nd in Masters 1 Open New Vogue, 3rd in Masters 1 Open Standard & 5th in Masters 1 Open Latin
  • Kevin Keurntjes & Grace Leong: 4th in Masters 1 Open New Vogue & 10th in Masters 1 Open Standard
  • Michael & Roslyn Cocks: 3rd in Masters 1 Open New Vogue & 6th in Masters 1 Open Standard
  • Peter Verdolini & Susan Sun: 9th in Masters 2 B Grade New Vogue, 15th in Masters 2 B Grade Standard & 25th in Masters 2 Open New Vogue
  • Lee & Robyn Horsley: 5th in Masters 2 Open New Vogue


If you are interested in taking the next step into competitive dancing, please speak with your regular dance teacher about how to get involved! #MarShereRepresent

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