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2015 Dance Grand Slam Results and Review

There is only one word to describe the event that occurred on Sunday - Amazeballs. For those of you who couldn't attend the biggest MarShere Dance Competition (aka the #DanceGrandSlam) over the weekend, read on for a summary and review of the event. 

Although it was a very early start for any normal person on a Sunday morning, those who were there when the doors opened at 8:45am were overly excited and upbeat. It may have been the grande coffees that they were drinking, or the fact that the biggest dance competition for the year was just getting started. In the venue, the chairs were et and sectioned for each studio, with a slight smell of tan and hair spray in the air when you walked in.

It was great to see so many people fully 'kitted up' with their dancing outfits, which certainly added to the prestige of the event. As the venue filled, more and more couples ventured out for a quick practice on the dance floor. And when I write dance floor I really mean skating rink. The floor was quite fast at the start of the day, but a sprinkle of wax and a good brush of the shoes solved that issue fairly quickly! The Sponsors stalls were set up, and the couples in the first events were already in the marshalling area! They must have been #superorganised and read the previous article.

The day progressed smoothly, with each studio supporting their couples and teams that took to the dance floor. For a fair number of people at the event, this was their first experience at a dance competition. There were a few slips, slides and bumps in some events, as the floor was full of couples in the early rounds. The major event for the day, the Teacher and 4 Pupil Open Event, had over 230 competitors entered. Although there were lots of teams and heats, you could see everyone was really having fun just being a part of it. #onebigdancefamily

Later in the afternoon, the Gold & Higher costume events started. The skill and movement shown in these events matches the calibre of the beautiful costumes that were worn. These events did not disappoint, as the competitors' endurance was also tested with instant recalls. Instant recalls mean that the first round, semi final and final are danced consecutively. For those who have experience this, if you make it through to the next rounds you not only have to dance again, but dance your heart out to try and make it through the next round. It is equally a test of mental ability and strength as well as the physical barrier. #nopainnogain

The evening program presented some of the best dancing I have seen at a Dance Grand Slam. The couples and teams that made it through to the finals truly deserved to, and was sometimes difficult to pick a clear winner as the standard was so high. It seems that each year the bar gets raised, much to the enjoyment of the supports and spectators! It was a long day in the end, but a lot of fun and enjoyment was had by all. This was evident by the flurry of Facebook posts of teachers and students thanking each other for the fun experience.

The results for the entire day have been conveniently organised into one simply PDF for you. This can be viewed by clicking the link below!

2015 MarShere Dance Grand Slam Results.pdf  To manually find results for specific events, head to DanceSportLive

We also had our resident photographer, I&J Photography, taking some amazing photos of all the couples dancing and the presentations on the day. All of these photos can be viewed by clicking here.