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2015 Dance Grand Slam Update

It is not long now until the biggest MarShere Dance Competition for the year. All the preliminary things should be organised so the focus is now on eagerly waiting for Sunday. In the previous article we went through a few things you needed to do leading up to the event. The following information will make your life a lot easier on the day. 


This golden item will allow you entry on the day when presented. If you have purchased a ticket and left it at home, unfortunately to the ushers at the door it means you will need to buy another - #facepalm. Also, if you have 'that' friend who never commits to anything but will turn up on the day and want to buy a ticket, can do so from the ticket office on the ground floor at the dance competition venue.

Where do I sit?

All tickets are general admission so you can really sit anywhere there are seats. But because we like to think ahead we have allocated seats to each studio so that you can sit with people you like, or at least with people you know. We want everyone to have a fun day and it is fun for people to sit when they are not dancing. As there will be a lot of people on the day, we kindly request the usual: bags and jackets are not people and therefore do not require seats. #sorrynotsorry 

What's My Number?

Competitors who are dancing require a number so that they can be identified through our #cuttingedge scrutineering system (Thank you DanceScore). This just means that when you dance they pick you by your number, and not simply by 'that tall couple who danced a really good rumba in the pink dress'. In couples events, the male will wear his number in the middle of his back. In best girl events, the girl will wear the number on her right hip. In all Teacher/Princpal events, only the teacher will wear the number in the respective place whether they are male or female. For those who regularly attend these dance competitions, it is important to note that there is NO numbers table. Your #awesome studio principals will have your numbers for you, so when you arrive and get settled in you will need to find them to get your number. If you want to find out your or your partner's number simply click here#superorganised


If you are competing at the #DanceGrandSlam then you will definitely need a program. These will be available on the ground floor lobby at the beginning of the day. They will cost $8 each so make sure you have a $10 note or some change to grab yourself one. Now a program is useless if you haven't got something to mark which events you are in, so bring at least 2 highlighters and 5 pens. It may seem like #overkill but you will be the cool kid amongst your friends when they have forgotten theirs. 

Shoe Brush

Another valued commodity, a shoe brush at a dance competition is like having bottle of cool fresh water in the Sahara desert. For those who still aren't sure what that means, then you probably won't need a shoe brush on the day, and you would be the first choice to be stuck with in the Sahara if I had a bottle of water with me. Enough of deserts as it makes me think of desserts. And sweets. Just make sure you bring sweets with your shoe brush. #needtofocus

Food & Drink

There is a cafe on the ground floor that sells the usual cafe items at cafe prices in cafe containers. As it is a dance competition please bring lots of water to stay hydrated, sugary drinks if needed, and snacks. Although the ticket says 'Strictly no BYO Food or Drink', this more relates to the big antipasto platter, big eski, pizza's, and sweets platter. Bring things in little containers in your dance bag and all will be fine. #OperationSnacks

Social Media

At the #DanceGrandSlam we have created our own hashtag called #DanceGrandSlam. There are 5 double passes up for grabs for the best photos of the day posted to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using #DanceGrandSlam. So #DanceGrandSlam as many photos from the #DanceGrandSlam to win #DanceGrandSlam tickets for the #DanceGrandSlam next year. #DanceGrandSlam.


If you are yet to find out the first 15 events of the day, please check out our previous article.


It is going to be an awesome day, and some of you will be winners and some of you won't. That is the nature of competition, but it is important to appreciate the journey that all of you have taken in getting this far, and recognising the accomplishment of stepping out onto the dance floor and dancing your best. #MarShereRepresent