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Everything you need to know about the Mid Season Comp

Including the First 15 Events of the day!

The MarShere Mid Season Dance Competition is coming up this weekend, and you want to make sure you have everything you need so the day is all about fun!

Here are the 'need to knows' for the competition:

Get there early
If you are travelling a long distance to get there make sure you know where to go and where to park. There is ample parking available at the Hungarian Centre, with the doors opening at 9:00am. The first event is at 10:00am sharp, so if you are in the first 3 events you must be ready by 9:50!

Get a Program
If you are entered in an event, you will need to know when it is on during the day, so buy a program when you first walk in the door. These will be available at the entrance, and will contain every event, including all the rounds and finals. The first 15 Events are listed below, so you can be organised if you have to be there for one of those early events. It is also good practice to bring a pen or highlighter so you can easily see which events you are in. You don't want to miss one of your events as that is one less chance of getting out on the floor!

Sit with your studio
As this competition is everyone from MarShere, we have organised for seating for each location to sit together. There is limited seating available (as a lot of people will be dancing) so please be friendly by not reserving seats with jackets and bags.

Get Your Number
If you are competing and require a number, your Studio Principal will have a list with your name on it, and will give you your number. If you are partnering with a teacher, only the teacher will be required to wear a number. For the guys, this number should be placed on your back between your shoulders, and for the ladies, this will be placed on your right hip.

Marshalling Area
You will need to head to the Marshalling area at least 2 events before the event you will be dancing. In events where you are dancing with a teacher, only the teacher is required to go to the marshalling area. Make sure they know where you will be when they walk out, as they will be needing to dance with you as soon as they are on the floor!

Recalls to next rounds and finals
If your event is not a final, then you may be required to dance in the next round if you are successful in making it through. These recall numbers are found on the noticeboard in the marshalling area, and are generally placed up a couple of events after you have danced. Please make sure you check this, as you don't want to miss your event, especially if you made it through to the next round!

Bring a dancer's survival kit...
We are dancers. We know that anything can happen at a dance competition, so it is always best to be prepared for everything! Every dancer's survival kit consists of the following:

  • Shoe Brush
  • Deodorant & Fragrance
  • Lollies or Snacks
  • Water
  • Highlighter & Pen
  • Spare Change (for the canteen of course!)
  • Safety Pins
  • Spare clothing items (pants, skirts, ties, even socks!)
  • Tissues
  • Hair & Make-up Products (depending on how much you use)

We want to wish you all the best for the Mid Season Dance Competition, and hope the above information will help you in having even more fun on the day!

 » 2015_mid_season_dance_competition_first_events.pdf (245Kb)

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