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Mid Year & Christmas Balls

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Fantastic Evenings full of dancing and entertainment!

All participants can enjoy an evening filled with dancing, fun, celebrations and entertainment at our mid or end of year balls. Mid-year and end of year balls are held by every studio at the end of the second and fourth terms.

The evening comprises of students who have completed an honour dance, which is one of the dances that is taught in the achievement award classes. These students are given their trophy and critique and are recognised for their effort throughout the term.

There are also gold performance awards, floorshows, plenty of public dancing and a special effort prize for those in attendance! This is generally a BYO drinks and nibbles event, with extra celebrations for the mid-year or Christmas milestones. These functions are often larger than cabaret nights, as more family and friends are there to enjoy the night, joining in with the festivities.

Please enquire with your local studio, or click on their location to see when their next ball is on - they only happen twice a year so don't miss out!