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Don't take our word for it. Here's 59 reasons why you should join our classes. 

All the testimonials below are from students after they've attended their first class with a MarShere Dance Studio.

  • Loved it! Great for cardio exercise & social interaction.I will definitely continue with it. I wish you had a studio near Prahran as I have a friend who would enjoy it.
  • Had a wonderful experience at my first class. I was feeling very nervous before I got there and was surprised at how quickly I felt less anxious about learning how to dance. The staff and other students were very friendly and made the evening very enjoyable and fun. I have already recommended MarShere to a friend. I will be attending on a casual basis for the rest of the year and plan on joining next year. Thanks for a great first class.
  • Such a fun and lovely place I will be signing up to become a member!
  • We had non staff members coming up to us and encouraging us telling us that they were all beginners once. I attended the night with my wife and we both had so much fun. We will be back next Tuesday.
  • The moment I walked in at the desk, I was so well taken care of! I had an absolutely great time and I am looking forward to coming back! Everyone was very friendly and encouraging! I have already told several friends who may come along in the future! Simply wonderful! Thank you!
  • The whole night run smoothly & the atmosphere was awesome the dance instructor was fun, patience & encouraging, staff were just amazing & left feeling on top of the world, thankyou a memorable night & will be returning. All the instructors in the progressing dance where absolutely lovely & passionate to make everyone have a great time, Well done very impressed of the team work & making everyone feel welcome & part of them team too :0)
  • We had a lot of fun. Our instructor was very patient and the other students were really helpful.
  • It was a really fun and enjoyable evening. I learnt 5 dances which was great but by the 4th I was a little tired and struggled to get them a little too much for the first night. Lots of fun though.
  • The pace was a little fast, but fun at the same time. Surprisingly my partner enjoyed the lesson and he can't wait to go back.
  • Great first class! I'll be back very soon! Thank you :)
  • I had a fantastic time. Thankyou so much.
  • Extremely Happy with everything. I know We (partner and Myself) will thoroughly enjoy it even more when we can remember the steps which will come in time. :) Very Impressive set up Thankyou
  • Great all rounder. thank you
  • What a wonderful place! I had a fantastic time, especially being someone who hasn't danced in a long time and feeling nervous, was put at ease in a supportive environment. Would've liked more information about classes, was only advised about private lessons.
  • Chelsea Heights team were incredibly friendly and inviting. Both my husband and I were very impressed. The whole experience was great.
  • Wasn't too sure what to expect as this is a different style of dance to what i have previously done, but i was surprised at how much i enjoyed it! Thanks
  • My husband a I really loved the experience, and re going to book in for some private lessons and then do some others as well, the pricing structure was a little bit confusing but once it is explained i am sure we will be fine!. We did however have a ball and are looking forward to the next lesson but are really only after two different dance styles at the moment, so we will see how we go! thanks for the opportunity and look forward to going back soon.
  • A very friendly group which I appreciated. I was quite thrilled on my return home, Thank you for your help & making me feel most welcomed. See you soon. Overall experience 5 for first class. Regards, Barbara
  • Love, love, love. Thank you so much (and I can't dance!) Alex can though. So much fun, coming back Wednesday night. I was so well looked after which was so lovely as I really needed it. If kids can do this and my 18 year old son, so can I. No more being bored or embarrassed at Balls etc any more, I'm going to keep on coming until I can bust some moves
  • It was the most challenging night for a long time !! But it was good and everyone was friendly. Two things though I found being shown 5 dances to take in and way too much for my old brain and even though it was offered if I wanted to, had no breaks in the 2 hours so I was stuffed by the end!
  • It was an enjoyable first experience, although daunting as never danced before. The 2 instructors were really nice and 1 of them, Hannah, took the time to focus a little more on me. The other staff and most of the students were so lovely and patient teaching the steps at the progressive dances. I do have 4 suggestions: 1) for people like myself who have never danced, would be for the instructors to demonstrate a couple of times the dance before teaching its steps. We learnt 5 dances which is a lovely sample but I would have preferred to learn fewer dances to squeaze in the demonstrations instead. 2) it would be perfect if I could purchase instructional or demonstration videos of the dances/ dance steps to practise at home in between each lesson. I've been back since for a private lesson where we took a video so I could view it at home to practise. I really am that bad! The instructor was wonderfully patient!! 3) have different days for different type of dance classes ie. ballroom, Latin. I needed to learn ballroom so the beginner class although fun, didn't apply to me at all. 4) for those not wanting to join up as members (since most of the `perks' would never be used, hence not as cost effective for non-regulars), it would be nice to have the option to purchase a discounted private tuition package. Overall, great experience! Went with my partner who hates dancing and he is looking forward to going back for another 2 hour beginner adult class in the near future. What a win!
  • I really enjoyed it will definitely be back for more dancing just need a new pair dance shoes hopefully I can find them somewhere but I would love to learn dances with an instructor
  • Loved it, wonderful staff, place and people.... I’m in
  • It was amazing and such great fun, definitely considering membership
  • Lots of fun! A lot to take in on the first class but people were welcoming and supportive Thanks for a great first experience!
  • Loved it!
  • We had great fun, although we weren't sure what to do at first. And we had worn inappropriate shoes!
  • We had a great time and are definitely keen to attend more classes. Over the weekend I will have a look at the full options and what will work best for us and be in contact but we would like to be back next week for sure.
  • Lovely staff, very welcoming, energetic and helpful. Very much looking forward to attending lessons again!
  • Would be good if there was a couples membership that is slightly more discounted than two single memberships to encourage more men to the classes.
  • It was a good environment and for someone who doesn't really have any experience it was good in the sense that it gives me the push to continue
  • It was a fantastic introduction to your business and has made me very keen to return. I am disappointed I have to wait a week to go back! :)
  • Great class structure. Would be good to have more safe car park near studio without having to search for a parking spot.
  • I came in as a beginner and really wanted to do ballroom. Latin is great and I want to learn that as well but lucky I could sign up for the bronze class for modern. I'm happier about that and may not have come back if all I could do was latin.
  • Had a very enjoyable start. Looking forward to continuing sessions. All staff were very accommodating, knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Maybe not learn as many dances on first night. Overall, however I was impressed with the friendly supportive atmosphere.
  • Staff were friendly and helpful
  • Loved it and the teachers were amazing. I have now started the 4week half price offer and will be definitely taking up the membership
  • The Staff are wonderful. It really was a wonderful experience.
  • The instructors were very welcoming and encouraging which I really appreciated. I have been looking for a way to stay active doing something that is fun and I enjoy-this was the perfect solution.
  • The staff at Heathmont are extremely helpful and explain things a number of ways to help get me started. It was a lot of fun and we will definitely be coming back
  • I wore totally inappropriate shoes with rubber soles so as soon as the blisters on my toes heal I'll be back. Hopefully with better shoes!
  • I thought the lesson was great, not knowing what to expect, i found the staff to be very accommodating and willing to help at anytime, i found the other learners to be warm and caring,i found the whole experience to be very rewarding and can hardly wait to get back .
  • It was a fabulous first class - all the instructors were brilliant and made me feel welcome and that I could do the dances. I can't wait to go back next week!
  • Rachael and Pam were both very patient and very helpful. Totally enjoyed my first attempt to learn how to dance.
  • They were all fantastic. My daughter had the biggest smile on her Face for hours after we left. Thank you so much she will be back I just need To organise finances first. Thank you again.
  • It was more fun than I expected. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Thoroughly enjoyable even though challenging.
  • So it's now the day after and I thank you for reminding me I have calves, hips and arms!!! Great exercise I'm so sore today !!
  • I went into class very apprehensive however came away feeling very comfortable. Staff and other class members were very friendly and patient and many of them helped with the steps in the social dancing. I very much enjoyed the class. It would be useful if videos of the dances taught were put on the studios website in order to recap and refresh what I learned in the class
  • Keep up the great job !!
  • Loved it, many thanks to the team at Pakenham!
  • The studio itself is very well fitted out and equipped. It is very clean, neat and tidy. All of which I particularly appreciate and it makes the learning and social aspects of the dancing even more enjoyable.
  • Ellee taught me and my sister in law with another lady (I don't remember her name but she was lovely) Ellee was lovely and went over everything I didn't understand. All the staff were amazing and every single student there was super helpful and friendly. Love, love, love it and can't wait to join! Thanks for being awesome guys!
  • Had a fantastic night,felt comfortable and safe. Great people, had a smile on my face all night. Thanks. Back on Thursday can't wait.
  • I really enjoyed it as everyone is very friendly and accommodating as i was terrible and did not know what to expect.
  • Everyone was friendly and very inviting. Loved it Will be back if not this year first thing next year
  • Absolutely great place, all the staff and other learners were way friendlier than anticipated and the class exceeded my expectations!
  • The staff were amazing. I went with my shy 15 year old son and they were extremely patient with us both. When we left my son even said that it was better than he expected! Looking forward to our next lesson!!!


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