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Wedding Dance Lessons in Melbourne

Have you always dreamed of gliding around the dance floor on your wedding day? We can help you to achieve this with our wedding dance lessons in Melbourne. In 6 - 12 weeks, our wedding dance lessons can have you dancing to the song of your choice with a personally choreographed routine. Impress your guests with your fancy footwork and graceful moves, or maybe something simple and elegant to show everyone you know your stuff!

Who said that it had to be a traditional waltz? How about a bridal rumba, bridal mambo, bridal jive, bridal tango, a traditional wedding dance, or a combination of several different dances? Whatever you choose, our qualified teachers will be able to put what you have envisioned into practice with our wedding dance lessons in Melbourne.


Casual Rates
1 Hour Lesson:  $95 per couple
Half Hour Lesson:  $55 per couple

Bronze Bridal Dance Package
5 x 1 Hour Lessons:  $425

Silver Bridal Dance Package
8 x 1 Hour Lessons:  $665

Gold Bridal Dance Package
12 x 1 Hour Lessons:  $975

Platinum Bridal Dance Package
15 x 1 Hour Lessons:  $1,195 

ALL of our locations offer wedding dance lesson services listed on this site.

 2019 Wedding Dance Pricing Packages .pdf


Ready to see what lesson time are available? Contact your closest MarShere Dance Studio to check availability.

Super organised? Pre-purchase one of our packages through our online store

Benefits of Wedding Dance Lessons

MarShere does not only help you with where you put your feet; we tailor an entire package to suit your wedding day. Wedding dance lessons have the following benefits:

  • Be comfortable with the routine on the day
  • Routine tailored to your dance ability
  • Ability to practice in your shoes beforehand
  • Start sharing something that you can do together for years to come
  • Builds confidence so that your guests will be asking you for lessons!
  • Design the right routine for your chosen song
  • One less thing to stress about on the day!
  • Lessons are booked at times suited to you, subject to availability

One of our fully qualified dance teachers will assist you in designing the bridal dance that you have envisioned. We do this by covering all the variables that can alter any bridal dance routine such as:

  • Size of floor
  • Where floor is in relation to guests
  • Types of shoes to be worn
  • Dress types and suit types
  • Type of music
  • When dance will be in order of events
  • Individual ability of each person
  • Length of dance
  • Involvement of bridal party in dance routine

Celebrate the intimacy and love of your marriage by presenting a wonderful wedding dance. Contact us if you have any questions about our dancing lessons for weddings.